CJ Milacci


Looking for an Author Assistant?

I am excited to offer my services as an author assistant to anyone who could use some additional support in their career. Though I am new to the author assistant world, I have a great deal of experience in administrative work and I have also worked as a manager for different small businesses over the years.

I am a quick learner, comfortable working virtually, and I’ll work hard to help you achieve whatever your goals are. I’m organized, proficient in scheduling and calendar management, detail oriented, and willing to β€œpush the button” (as Thomas likes to say) to continue to learn and grow. I also have a working knowledge of WordPress, as well as the Divi theme.

I love this community of Author Media, and I would be thrilled to support other writers here who are further along in their careers than I am. I have learned a great deal through many of Thomas’s courses, the Novel Marketing and Christian Publishing Show podcasts, and through being a part of this community, and I would love to use the tools and knowledge I have gained to help you.

Author Media Courses I am currently enrolled in and working through:
- 5 Year Plan to Becoming a Bestselling Author
- Obscure No More
- The Tax and Business Guide for Authors
- How to Build an Amazing Author Website
- How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest
- The Art of Persuasion
- How to Craft Excellent Blog Posts

Websites I have worked on or assisted with:
- Lensoflight.com
- Afterthestork.info
- My personal site for my writing that is not yet completed: cjmilacci.com

If you’re looking for some additional help in your author career, please send me a message!
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