Daniel Rowell

Hi there! I'm an Epic Fantasy author who would hopes to take a vacation in Rivendell one day!

Help! Advertiser reached out to me.

Someone reached out to me via the contact form on my website asking if I’d be willing to let them advertise.

It’s kinda weird to me because I don’t really get a ton of traffic.

I don’t know how to take this. Any tips?

Here’s their website:
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Subscribers Disappeared

I had 1395 subscribers on mailerlite. I went to their "clean up inactive" tab and unsubscribed the inactive email addresses.

Then I did 50 more manually (anyone who hadn't opened any emails after I'd sent them 3 or more emails).Β 

Now ALL of my subscribers are gone. I'm praying it's just some weird glitch and I didn't just lose two years' worth of list building. Has anyone had this happen before?Β 

I contacted them but haven't heard anything back yet.

Edit: They contacted me back and were able to recover the emails. Whew!Β 
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LLCs After Publishing

After listening to the latest episode, I'm convinced to go ahead and get an LLC, but what do I do about books that I've already published without an LLC?

Can I make it so those books are part of that LLC as if I'd published them under it?
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Homeschool Convention Booths?

I heard about marketing to homeschoolers through the Novel Marketing podcast, and my wife and I visited a homeschool convention just to feel it out and learn.

On their website, they charged $500 for a booth.

While I was there, I spoke with an author who said that you shouldn’t have to pay for a booth.

Are there any homeschool-market writers who can weigh in on this? Is it unwise to pay for a booth to sell your book at homeschool conventions/boom fairs?
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Editor Suggestions?

Hey, everyone! I'm looking for a copy editor for my Epic Fantasy series. My books would best categorize with authors like Brandon Sanderson, Terry Brooks, Robin Hobb, etc.

They have faith elements, but it's not heavily allegorical. There's a little allegory, but it's closer to Tolkien than Lewis.

I'd like to work with a copy editor that has experience in this genre. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Paperback Without Publishing

Is there a way I can order a paperback copy of my book without publishing it? I want to give printed copies of my reader magnet to specific readers who've done a lot for me, and I don't want those copies to be available anywhere else.Β 
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Bookfunnel Vs. StoryOrigin?

I'd like to hear some opinions on this. I tried storyorigin when it was in beta, and I used it all the way until it was paid. In the meantime, I was using bookfunnel to build my list.

I found bookfunnel to be better by a longshotβ€”I also write epic fantasy, so maybe genre has something to do with it.

The things that were possible with storyorigin seemed promising, but bookfunnel actually delivered. For instance, the newsletter swap feature was awesome in storyorigin, but particpating never got me any newsletter sign ups or sales from clicks when other authros shared my books. By contrast, I got way more email signups on bookfunnel for every promotion I joined. The platform was less confusing and more straight forward to understand, and the promos were better organized.

I have, however, heard different opinions. Some authors have found more success with storyorigin. For those of you who have had success with storyorigin, how have you made it work for you? What features have benefited you the most? And, what genre do you write in? Maybe it's a genre thing.

Just Curious. . .

Any other epic fantasy authors out there??
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