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Refer to Unsplash?

Hello, everyone!
Quick question...
In my references page at the end of my manuscript, how would I show that all stock photos are from Unsplash?

I know Bible versions have permission statements such as:
Scriptures marked NKJV are taken from the NEW KING JAMES VERSION (NKJV): Scripture taken from the NEW KING JAMES VERSION®. Copyright© 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Anyone know what I should write there? 
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My FINAL Back Cover Copy

Labels. Whether they’re merely a point of reference, generational, or a personal snapshot, one thing is clear: They’re everywhere.
Labels give you the ability to stand tall with zeal.
But others taunt you, crushing your self-worth.
What if you could rise above it all in spite of their roar?
Abolish the Label is a captivating book that reveals hidden truths behind stereotypes and how to uncover the masterpiece you were created to be. We will explore these and other riveting questions:
·         How should I react when people label me?
·         Can one moment from American history open the door to change?
·         Is the way possible? Free? Available?
·         Can I do more than just help myself?
Abolish the Label opens the eyes of my audience to one unknown missing piece about every generation from the eldest to the youngest.

My book proposal is finished and ready to turn in! Just waiting on my beta readers and a couple potential endorsers and I'll be all set! I'd like to thank everyone for their help. I'm SO grateful! especially  jane daly ,  Rachel Lulich ,  Katie J Trent  ,  JAMES L. RUBART ,  Thomas Umstattd ,  Darlene N. Böcek   Darrell R Ferguson   B.D. Lawrence  ❤️
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Feedback Please?

Hello, hello! After months of praying and pondering, I FINALLY started working on my WIP's again! I can write again without trouble. Yay! 😄

In my novel, one of the secondary characters, an intellectual doctor, Doctor Ray Abbott, is faced with a problem one night while filling out a pronouncement of death for a patient that just passed. He finds himself questioning his own philosophy he has believed for many years -- basically that facts are the final word and should never override feelings--
Anyways, he finds he is not satisfied with his life and who he has become and makes a decision to contradict all he knows and take a soul-searching journey, beginning the next day. He writes about it in his blog, called, Abbott’s Analysis.  This blog post is wordy on purpose because the doctor is in a very vulnerable/emotional state. He's having trouble describing what he is feeling and is basically rambling/venting. 

** Spoiler alert: in the end of the book, he will come to know Christ, and that will satisfy him in the end.**

And I was wondering if you could take a look at this below and let me know what you think. This is the blog post he writes to his followers. Thanks!!! <3  ⤵️

I never imagined in my whole life I would be writing this.
I have always been the guy all about facts found in textbooks and proven studies. Never, ever, feelings or theories. Facts and facts only. If someone said something contradicting fact, I would immediately shut them down with the well-known philosophy I have repeated for years. 
“Feelings should never override fact.”
 I was sure stability and security were found solely in the facts. Science said it, so it’s true, the diagnosis is true, it’s proven. And there’s no use in challenging it. I used to believe there was no use in pondering on the what-ifs, what I could’ve done, what would have happened if, or how, or even why. I believed and hammered into my head that the prognosis was the ultimate future and nothing could change it. 
But today, on Abbott’s Analysis, I, Ray Abbott make a PSA, to all of my followers, supporters, and patients.

I am contradicting my own philosophy. 

For the first time in my life, I am considering challenging the facts.
Today, as I was sitting at my desk, writing out a pronouncement of death for one of my patients, I had a moment of… not necessarily clarity… but confusion. There was a stirring in me I’ve felt before. I have ignored it for so long, clinging to the facts, thinking it would help.
But it doesn’t. That stirring, or shaking, or whatever it is (could be stress) has never left. It continues on and on. I wondered what it was, and why I couldn’t break myself of it.
But now I realize.
It’s a diagnosis of dissatisfaction.
No medication can fix this one. And until I deal with it, it is going to consume me. 
I’ve been extremely determined and dedicated. And it has made me successful.  But without knowing, I have found while taking a look at my reflection today, I realize that I have let my fixed mindset shape me. Not in a good way.
I hate who I have become.
It has altered my character. It has stolen my personality. It has made me bitter and an ornery jerk. If I was my college self back in the day and saw who I am now, I would never want to be around that person. And that has awakened me in ways I cannot express.
So, here I am, beginning day 1 of this purposeful journey the moment I wake up tomorrow morning. 
I am surrounded with uncertainty and instability and I only know one thing, I’ve got to start this journey.
Even if that means I have no idea where it will lead me or what I will find.

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Permissions Question

 Thomas Umstattd   I have a question.

I have been getting permission from certain well-known people to use their quotes in my book. I am working on getting permission from Pastor Paul Daugherty of Victory Church (Tulsa) and I am not sure what I need for complete permission to use his sermon quote. 
You see, with others, I have had them:
  1.   write me a written letter saying I have permission to use their work in my book
  2.   they fully write out the quote I want to use
  3.   and they sign it with their own signature 
  4.   they add in their contact info for me at the bottom of the page

Did I do this right? Or should they have given me more?

Manuscript Evaluation?

Hello, hello!
So I am ALMOST done with my whole rewrite for my non-ficton book, Abolish the Label. Would anybody be interested in reading it and giving it an evaluation for me? It shouldn't be under 25,000 words when I am finished with the rewrite. Any takers that can do it for free?
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Any Takers?

Hello, hello!

Would anyone ever want me to guest post on their blog?
Given... I don't have a website. Ha, and I'm not published. Yet!
However, I love writing blog posts. I come up with sample ones frequently.
If you're interested, you may private message me here in the community. And I'll look at my schedule.  😁
I have only written one actual guest post, found below. ⬇️
Also, I have written 2 daily devotional posts for a YA Ministry (for the 4th of July), the Bridge DFW. All those links are here ⤵️


A bit about me (I am open to any questions):
  • I'm 20
  • My pen name is A.M.
  • I'm the World Missions Director of my church and on the Leadership Team (A Pentecostal Church)
  • I write poetry and books (Inspirational Non Fiction and Fiction)
  • I used to be a figure skater
  • I'm a martial arts instructor
  • I LOVE to worship on the piano and sing
  • I grew up around many ministers of the church, prayer warriors, etc.
  • I don't fit in with young people. 
  • I've been single all my life and I've never been in a relationship. In fact, 12 times people in the church have played match-maker for me but they were ALWAYS wrong. And it happened 3 more times outside of the church. I wish people could understand I'm waiting on God! 😠😂
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What's Wrong W/ Word?

Okay, so my hand's been resisting me from pressing the SEND button with this question, but I've got to ask it.

What's wrong with using Microsoft Word? Should I not be using it? Is there something better that I should be using?

Little rant here: I've used Word all my life for writing manuscripts with the provided template. Plus, it goes along with my whole Microsoft subscription and my baby - my outlook email - that nobody can separate me from. We are stuck like glue.
Besides, I'm not a super modern girl. For example, I don't want a flat screen tv in my bedroom. I like the heavy MAGNAVOX tvs with the DVD player built into it. And... I love VCRs! And I'm angry I had to get rid of my older tv that had one (cause it died on me, that jerk). And I love playing CDs (even though I have an iPod touch) in my PC and the car radio. So... can anybody help me out here?
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My First EVER Blog Post!

After getting permission from  James L. Rubart  , I have some exciting news to share.
My first ever blog post (and guest post. AGH!) is launching on Project Inspire, TODAY, 5/27/2021

Please COMMENT when you get there and show some love to Jenna for inviting me!

Little backstory:

Here's the lowdown on it all. One of my author friends, Jenna Terese ( her main is ), emailed me out of the blue last week and asked me if I'd like to write a guest post for her blog, Project Inspire. 
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Stock Photo Help?

I have written a section in my non-fiction book with an illustration called The Trail of Helplessness.
I really want to get this point across to my readers and give them a visual.
So, would I be allowed to use a small stock photo of a trail or pathway for my readers to see when they begin reading? (it is the cover photo).

From here on, my idea was to use one stock photo for each chapter, to represent what we will discuss. One example being, I show them how Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation works with being free from generational labels. So, I would use a picture of chains falling from the person's wrists.

What do you all think?
I think it may shock Broca.
Maybe  James L. Rubart  could help? Or  Thomas Umstattd ?