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Hey there, I'm currently writing a dieselpunk series that takes place in a modern day setting. I'm also a finger painter.

Advice on Writing and Formatting Telepathic Communication?

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Okay, I have been stuck on this for awhile now and could use some outside advice and insight. 

I'm writing the story in 1st person POV. Starting out there's one person who gives the main character warnings telepathically and she has no idea what's happening. Eventually there are two people she can speak with telepathically. I'm not sure how to format the telepathic conversations, especially if she can speak to more than one person like that. Would it be okay to put the telepathic responses in italics and have that be okay? Or should they also have quotation marks? I'm getting really hung up on this. 

It gets more complicated later so advice on what I write next would be nice too but I'm struggling most with what I wrote above this sentence. Just straight up, how to format it.

She also can hear the God of this fantasy world speak to her sometimes when she prays. His speech patterns are much different from the other's though. 

Later on one of them can do some astral projection stuff so the three of them can appear, see each other, and communicate with each other in a psychological or spiritual realm. During this time she has a mental breakdown so she's also having a conversation with herself and God. Thankfully this isn't all happening at the same time usually. But still, not sure what to do.

I can help with Discord if anyone has questions.

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I should mention that I know how to use Discord. I'm not necessarily a pro at it but I do know how to to some things. I've been using it for over 2 years now and have created my own server before. 
If you want to utilize bots on your server I also have worked a little with those too. You can use bots for a lot of things but when it comes to launching I personally would use them to set up things like automatic reminders for my team members.
If you have questions let me know and I'll see if I can help.
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