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I help worn-out people find rest and relief in Christ by retelling familiar gospel stories.

It's the little things...

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Today I discovered a keyboard shortcut for formatting H3 text in WordPress. It saved me about 97 clicks and 7 minutes of precious time!

If you click at the beginning of the line you want to format then type ### voila!...formatted as H3 (as opposed to the 5 mouse-moving clicks).

It felt like a reason to celebrate, but I'm not sure my family would understand my excitement ;-)
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Cleaning your email list in ConvertKit

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Thomas has talked about email deliverability rates in previous episodes, and this summer, David Gaughran has been writing about the upcoming changes in open-rate reporting.

I know I need to clean my email list, and I understand the process (tag cold subscribers, send reengagement sequence, delete unengaged subs etc.), but I'm wondering if it would be simpler, easier, and more forthright to just ask, "Do you want to continue to receive my emails?" and then have them click YES or NO (which would trigger a click/engagement or an unsubscribe).

I keep putting this off because it seems so involved, and there are so many opportunities for me to screw it up along the way.  Both options seem equally scary, but I understand the reasoning behind it. Anyone have advice or experience to share? 

Any German speakers in the house?

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My second book, Remarkable Hope, has been translated into German, and it releases this month. I'm thrilled and dumbfounded. 

I wish I had a story about how I "did the work" and discovered a "felt need" in Germany that I just KNEW my book would meet. 

It was far less dramatic. 

The foreign rights departments at my publisher is apparently tasked with exploiting the rights they control at every opportunity, and a German publisher was interested.

As a Christian, I'm confident God had a whole lot to do with it, and I feel grateful.
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Official Discussion Thread for Episode 281: How to Create Press Releases

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How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Book Using Reciprocity (Marketing Psychology)

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Official Discussion Thread for Episode 280
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