Kathy Brasby

Hi! I'm a former journalist ( but my writing style is very eclectic. I write humor but, based on my speaking opportunities, I also write Christian nonfiction.

Suggestions to transcribe recorded interviews to text

I have recorded interviews on my iPhone 12 and would like to transcribe them to text. I found Otter.ai and may have to bite the bullet because their subscription rate is $99/year. I'm not sure I'll use the service enough for that expense. (Maybe I should?)

I'm working on a book right now that includes some interviews plus I write member stories for a small organization newsletter. I may do 4-6 interviews a year. 

I read about downloading Soundflower and linking that to Audacity on my Mac, but I couldn't get Soundflower to install. It seems to be pretty old. I tried Transcriber on my phone and, although it gave me text plus offered a reasonable pricing structure, the transcription only looked like English. There were nouns, verbs and periods at the end of sentences but the sentences were nonsense. Otter did much better.

Thank you for any suggestions! 
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