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Bowker Book Description

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I'm wondering if the synopsis for the book description on Bowker is used for Amazon readers or just for marketing purposes to retail stores and libraries. One friend thinks mine may give away too much of the story if used for Amazon readers but not if only used for marketing purposes through Bowker. It seems  Thomas Umstattd  said somewhere to make full use of the description, but I'm wondering if this is overdone. Any insight would be much appreciated. This is what I wrote: 

Part 1, "Escaping the Pain," reveals my attempt as a 24-year-old to alleviate life's pain and the instability of difficult circumstances that include a troubled marriage, a dad who's missing in action in Vietnam, and the civil unrest of the late 1960s, early 1970s. While on a Caribbean cruise with my mother, I enter into a dramatic ten-day affair with a Norwegian navigator. Both of us commit to pursuing physical pleasure without emotional involvement. While in San Juan shopping with my mother, I discover a Lladro figurine, The Windblown Girl, with whom I have a mysterious connection but I can't afford her price tag. When the cruise comes to an end, I return home to the same circumstances I'd tried to escape, but now my feelings for the Norwegian are more entangled with my well-being than I ever imagined. After I separate from my husband, the Norwegian comes to live with me for the summer and it becomes increasingly clear, our physical bodies cannot be disconnected from our minds and emotions. Yet, he must go home to Norway, then back to the Caribbean once his leave is over. My parents' example has me convinced that long-distance relationships are doomed so I end the relationship. To process the excruciating pain that results, I draw near to my Creator.
Part 2, "Embracing the Pain," incorporates the COVID pandemic, civil unrest, and world events including the social issues I began writing about for newspapers and magazines. My mother's death initiates a look back on transformational adventures that developed my identity and understanding of narcissism, cheap sex, and justice issues. The solid worldview and wholeness that cultivates presents a tremendous conflict when I'm tempted and tested by that same Norwegian navigator. Now in possession of The Windblown Girl, she offers inspiration and hope for the future.  Woven throughout, the similarities between my dad's story as an Air America pilot/MIA in Vietnam and the Norwegian's increases the drama.

Since this is my first book, do I really need to pay for ISBN numbers or is it OK to use the free ones through Amazon KDP? Also what should I know about registering the copyright (can I get a promo code?) and getting a Library of Congress #?

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Accessing podcasts on specific topics

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After clicking many different buttons, I'm still trying to figure out how to listen to specific podcasts on my phone (or computer for that matter). I upped my Patron subscription, but still haven't found a directory of podcasts. It seems I saw it once on my computer but I can't find it again. Even more, I want to listen to specific ones on my phone when I drive to San Diego Sunday. I'm subscribed to Patreon and have put the RSS feed in iTunes on my phone but am pretty much just seeing the monthly Q &A's or the most recent. Can someone please point me in the right direction to find specific podcasts on topics like blogging or marketing or . . . ?  TIA

Do I Need a Hard Back?

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After almost 30 years in the making, my memoir is now ready for cover design. I'm so excited but there's still so much I don't know. Should I just do paperback? Or are there reasons I'm not aware of to do a hardback? Any input would be much appreciated.
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Getting reviews

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 Thomas Umstattd  I'm wondering if it's worth paying for a Kirkus or Library Journal review.