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Poet, Novelist, Blogger, Artist, & Speaker. I choose to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of others.
Finished first draft of a novel, Country Charm. Set in rural Illinois in the mid-1980s, the novel tells the story of a sixty-year-old restaurant owner who is is faced with the threat of losing everything that is important to him. 🚗

Types of Indie Authors

I am enjoying the new podcast,  Thomas Umstattd . During my 30 year speaking career, I met a lot of gurus. Most saw themselves as speakers, not writers. The books were considered brochures and marketing tools. Along with selling books at the back of the room, they also sold cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs. And like successful authors who sell books on writing, they sold training programs on how to be a successful speaker. Zig Ziglar, considered to be the father of motivational speaking, was one of the first to self-publish his books and sell at the back of the room.

I do have another Indie Author type: the Penniless Poets or the Passionate Poets. Take your pick. They print their magazines and books and hawk them at readings and book fairs. They write for the sake of the art while dreaming of hitting the big time without selling out. They write and publish with passion, not worrying about the pennies.
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