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Clean fantasy with a side of mystery and a dash of humor
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Writer for readers who love Jesus, dragons, laser swords. Married my Prince Charming, now a #ToddlerMom #TwinMom. Revising #MutantMerryMen. Graduate of Jerry Jenkins' CWG. Active member of Realm Makers.

Future episode about Jarvis AI?

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Hi Thomas Umstattd !

Would love to hear your thoughts on this Jarvis AI copy writing service (and things like it) in a future episode!

Looking for: Children's Book Cover Designer

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I'm looking for a book cover designer who's interested in a long-term relationship!

Who I'm Looking For

Someone with experience in digital art and animal characters. The project is an anthropomorphic mystery chapter book series for readers 8-12. Our primary audience are homeschool readers. I'm looking for someone who can do a cute, clean, rounded style. (See pics at the end for reference.)

Super Bonus Features

I'm looking into commissioning 2-3 pieces of art per book to be used in the ebook versions and also during speaking gigs. If you can do book cover design as well as illustrations, I'd love to talk to you!

Someone who is in Ohio (or close enough to travel to it) and would be willing to consider doing homeschool conventions with me would be amazing! I'm picturing you there to sell signed copies of illustrations. We can talk profits, percentages, and cuts as the conversation deepens.

Work Overview

Using my current covers as a starting point, we'd work together to reimagine the brand's look, and then you'd remake the covers for the existing two books. As new books come along, you'd also make a cover for those. We would also need to resize all the book covers for audio.

The book cover elements would include the visual art, the back cover copy which I will provide, and also necessary logistical information like an ISBN and barcode (also provided by me) and shelving instructions.

Previous Covers

I've attached my current covers so you can see where things are at. IΒ  LOVE these, but my illustrator has moved on to other things. I love the overall concept here, but I'm interested in ideas that wouldn't leave solid strips of color around the book edges.

One design element that I'd like to keep is the repeatability. As you can see, both covers follow the same overall pattern but the details are changed according to the specifics of each mystery. I would like some iteration of this in the new covers.


Email me at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss.

If you want to know more about me first, you can find everything you need at

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NMP & BLBP Success Story

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Hey everybody!

I'm sure many of us have stories about how Thomas has inspired us to try new, comfort-zone-stretching things! Here's my story:

In April, I participated in the 2021 iteration of Book Launch Blueprint. (It's amazing. You definitely need to sign up next year.)

It's an intense course, so the week after class wrapped, I gave myself a "vacation" week and worked on house projects. During my clean the closet day, I listened to a bunch of NMP episodes.

One of them was titled "How to Find and Work with a Virtual Assistant."

Ha! Me? Have a virtual assistant? Not in this lifetime. I don't even drink coffee!

I was going to skip it--even had the next one cued up--but I reconsidered. I've never heard a NMP that didn't teach me at least one new thing, and it was a vacation day, so why pick an episode that required lots of brain power? Better to coast through something not immediately relevant to my situation.

Joke's on me. By the end of the 40 minutes, I was super excited about the possibility of being a VA and knew immediately who I wanted to do it for. I emailed a really wonderful lady I'd met in the BLBP who is very cool and serves the same target audience as me.

I basically said, "This is super random. I don't know why I'm emailing you, but I really love what you're doing and Thomas was talking about being a VA, and I don't know...Would you like one?"

She emailed me back within the hour, we had a meeting a few days later, and I'm now privileged to be part of Team ο»Ώ Katie J Trent ο»Ώ. She's super cool and I love having the opportunity to lighten her load a little bit so she can focus on big tasks. (If you're into the Christian homeschool space, check her out!)

So the moral of the story is: Listen to ο»Ώ Thomas Umstattd ο»Ώ at your own peril! You may find yourself trying things you never thought you would--or could--do.

Thanks for all your hard work, Thomas. You do such a great job challenging us to take big leaps. ❀️ 
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Looking For: Graphic Artist

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I would love to start a long-term relationship with someone to help polish social media graphics, website images, and printed desktop-publishing things like flyers, posters, schedules.

I can provide a decent rough draft. Need polishing re: balance and color theory. I use the free tier of Canva and a variety of free stock photo websites. Bonus points if you have access to the paid Canva tier and/or paid stock photos.

Need to have a good grasp of both digital image sizes and common social media ratios (FB banners, Insta posts vs. stories, Twitter image, etc.), as this is what is costing me lots of time. I can figure it out myself but would like to delegate this task sometimes.Β 

I'm happy to share examples of my level if you want to share examples of what you've done. Not necessarily ready to start using your skills this month, but would love to have some contacts for when the time is right.

Obviously, Fiverr is a great resource for this, but if anyone here does this sort of thing, I'd love to start with you. ❀️
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