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My First Novel Available for Preorder!

My novel, No Stone Unturned, the first in the Happy Camper Mystery series, is available on Amazon for preorder! https://smile.amazon.com/No-Stone-Unturned-M-S-Peke-ebook/dp/B09MDSCLXJ/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=no+stone+unturned+happy+camper+mystery&qid=1637690797&sr=8-2

Thanks to everyone who's provided help and support along the way.
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Reader Magnet and Kindle/ASIN

Hi. I have completed a reader magnet and compiled it into .mobi and epub files. I put it on Book Funnel to allow downloads and tested it using my Kindle. What I found out is that the cover won't load on a Kindle unless the book has an ASIN number associated with it. Have any of you noticed this? If so, did you resolve it?

I don't want to put the magnet on Amazon's site, because I want the reader's email address, so I need them to go to my site to download.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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