B.D. Lawrence

Writer of stories about justice, vengeance and redemption. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ
I have been writing fiction for 20+ years. I have published over 25 short stories and 2 electronic novels pre-Kindle. Currently working on a novel and a screen play.

Delivering e-versions of short story

It's been a frustrating day. I've spent hours on this and cannot figure out how to do this.Β 

I've learned that offering a download of ePub and MOBI files isn't a good option, even on a mobile device. It works, but unless the downloader knows where to look it's hard to figure it out.Β 

Therefore, I want to deliver the e-files via email. I have an automation set up in ConvertKit that will do this. However, I cannot find anywhere that allows me to set up a simple one field form to capture email and button that then executes that automation. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or has done it? Delivered e-files via email on your website?

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Copyright app

Does anyone have any experience with CopyrightsNow app to file copyrights? Do you file copyrights on your book?Β 

One trick I'd heard about was mailing yourself the manuscript and not opening it.Β 
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LLC questions

Just listened to the LLC podcast. Was definitely going this route anyway. But, I have a couple questions. The first is about address. Should I use my home address for the LLC? Or should I get a PO box first? And if a PO Box, can I put the LLC down on the PO Box before I have it? Or do I get the LLC with home address, then change that address? Or does address even matter?

Also, credit cards. Should I get a separate credit card? And can I apply before the LLC or does that need to come after?

Separate bank account was mentioned, but other than record keeping, which I'm good about anyway, is there any legal reason to get a separate bank account?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Profanity in fiction

I am doing some research for a blog. What are your thoughts on the use of profanity in fiction?Β 
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Website officially released

I would love some feedback on my website.Β 

And if anyone needs info on the following, here's what I used. Bluehost, Divy, ConvertKit, a couple add in'sΒ  - one for restricting pages and one for routing to a sign in page. Bloom to integrate with ConvertKit. I did use the author template in Divy, but heavily customized it.Β 


Still very much a work in progress.Β 

Thank you in advance for any feedback.
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ISBN questions

What is the most reputable source to purchase ISBN's from? And how many would I need for a book that will primarily be on Amazon KDP? 2 - one for paper and one for eBook, or does the eBook really need it?Β 

Bowker's seems high priced, but is that the source?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Bio beginning

Had a thought about the beginning of my bio. I want something shocking, surprising, and that fits with my genre of books. Thought I'd run this by the community here and see what you think. Is this too shocking? By the way, probably going to publish under B.D. Lawrence because my name.com is taken by some salesman. The nerve!

Anyway, here is a possible start to my bio:
B.D. Lawrence has many favorite Bible verses but hates this one: "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord." That’s because he wants to exact vengeance on everyone evil. He wants to castrate child predators, torture human traffickers, be a vigilante permanently removing criminals from the streets. But, since he can’t do this, he writes stories with characters who do. He writes stories of justice, vengeance, and redemption.Β 

I'd have some more stuff after, but that's the start. Thoughts? Does it shock Broka?
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Editor and graphics

Looking for recommendations for an editor to edit my novel and for someone to do cover art. Also what is the typical going rate for these two services? Planning budget.Β 

And on editor for indie do you usually only get copy editing or editing for content / story as well?Β